Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse Dares To Innovate

Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse

Suppose you have a low budget and mediocre software. In that case, someone at Swiftpoint Z has created an outstanding, innovative, and feature-rich mouse that blows away anything currently available in gaming mice.

Swiftpoint Z features, and specifications

Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse, The Swiftpoint Z boasts 3 key features that distinguish it from the competition: It has pressure-sensitive buttons, incorporates a gyroscopic motion sensor, and gives force feedback.

And it doesn’t stop there. Swiftpoint Z also sports an OLED screen on its left side for changing functions, perhaps the best button ergonomics in a multi-button mouse. 4 of the buttons can be replaced with alternative versions, and the Z mouse is provided with a very rugged storage case for both mice.

Swiftpoint Z features, and specifications

Swiftpoint Z features and specifications

Right-handed ergonomic

Sensor: 200 – 12,0P Di, Optional 5G PixArt PMW336 easily adjustable in sport-like configurations of up to

1000hz polling

  1. 8-meter braided USB cable

16 total tactile buttons with deep click.

12 buttons beneath the fingers with two thumbs

6 a Pivot and Tilt sensor provides Axis In-Air Control of PitchYawL Roll.

4 analog force / ‘deep click’ buttons for speed/throttle/power: (Left/right click, & left/right fingertip)

  1. Customizable means an in-built OLED screen for changing settings on the fly.

Replaceable Hand Grips

Dimensions: 5.12 × 3.54 x .079 ”(in centimeters) (LxWxH).

Weight: 4 ⅛ oz (117 g) – not including cable

Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows .8.x or later!← , Mac users )

3 year limited hardware warranty

The Swiftpoint Z is the best thing.

The Swiftpoint Z is the best thing.

2 The Z mouse has the same orientation awareness that a smartphone uses. Because of its gyroscopic motion sensor, you can assign different functions depending on how you set your tilt.

The Swiftpoint Z has accessories that attach magnetically to its underside, enabling the’ tilt’ function. These accessories allow 1 of 3 different tilt levels, which I describe as:

No-tilt (“Lockout” ): The no-tilt attachments ensure that the underside of the Swiftpoint Z is flush and has no tilt.

Slight-tilt (“Adjustable Tilt” ): The slight tilt attachments allow a small left-right.

Full-tilt (“Flightstick extender” ): The full-tilt attachment encapsulates the mouse sensor and allows the Swiftpoint Z to be used in any direction, thus converting it into a large ‘palm stick’ sort of thing.

The Z-mouse has motion sensors that allow it to recognize when picked up. It turns off the sensor in a stroke and, on lifting, triggers the OLED display present at its side. With the OLED display combined with auxiliary buttons and a scroll wheel, you can set the DPI setting of the Z mouse easily.

Additionally, OLED displays can be personalized and what it displays. For instance, you can configure it to show an animated cube corresponding with the profile mouse currently using or whether it is the current DPI.

Move how you want

Using ‘slight tilt,’ you can assign functions to the left-right tilt of the Z mouse. For example, in an FPS that uses Q and E to

slim left and right, you can assign the ‘Q’ to the left tilt and the ‘E’ to the right tilt, which is more efficient and requires almost no retraining to acclimate yourself to the new controls.

I played with this function in Overwatch to replace the A and D movement keys. It’s not particularly useful in this capacity (although it does make it easier to drink with one hand while moving into position before a match starts.)

If you’re willing to dig into the Swiftpoint Z software (more on that in a minute), you can assign more complex actions and macros to the left-right tilt, although I wouldn’t recommend it. (While the Z mouse is very stable in its ‘slight tilt’ state, an inadvertent tilt triggering a multi-action macro could be disastrous. Comical, but disastrous.)

The ‘full tilt’ mode that converts the Z into a large’ palm stick’ is more useful for vehicular controls and is more precise than standard keyboard+ mouse controls allow.

At E3 2017, Swiftpoint’s creator and CEO Grant Odgers established the usage of the ‘full tilt’ cradle to use the Z mouse to elegantly and gracefully fly a jet in one of the Battlefield games. After landing the jet, he separated the cradle to reappearance the Z to standard operating mode. I also took the plane for a spin and found it more intuitive and easier to control with the Swiftpoint Z instead of the default keyboard/mouse controls.

To take advantage of this feature, you must dig into the Swiftpoint Z software to configure it. It takes some work (more than it should), but if it’s a feature you’ll use often, it’s worth the effort.

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Swiftpoint Z under pressure

You can prescribe a function to the first touch or click and attach another one when this button remains pressed more strongly. You can assign a different function to the button’s release for even more flexibility.

The basic functionality was demonstrated at E3 using Zoom on a sniper rifle in a Battlefield game: Right-clicking(and holding) referred to the first level of Zoom, pressing (and holding>) slightly harder voiced up in a hurry. 2 mouse button functions fitted into one button – they functioned simultaneously.

I even tried using ‘deep clicks’ to trigger macros and chain attacks when playing Overwatch for myself. I started with a slightly more refined attack using Overwatch hero Junkrat.

First, I set the auxiliary button for the right mouse button to switch on the SHIFT key (which initiates Junkrat’s concussion mine). I then assigned a ‘deep-click’ to create the ‘right-click function used for triggering off the mine.

With this simple setup, I had the opportunity to press the right auxiliary button and quickly throw mine away (instead of using the SHIFT key), but if necessary, I could hold my hand on it and only then press harder than before. The vibration from the force feedback of the Z mouse showed when I pressed it hard enough to simulate detonation. Z mouse’s ‘deep click’ functionality is very simplistic. It made launching and detonating the mine a bit faster without forcing a lot of retraining.

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The Swiftpoint Z does more than I could or would ever ask of it. I love this mouse, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

My only key complaint against Swiftpoint Z is that the driver software could use a UI/UX designer’s touch. Hopefully, this will remain addressed in future releases.

But the quality of its construction, functional design, and plethora of features offered by the Swiftpoint Z are virtually unmatched by any competitor.

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